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Preparation Course for the Medical Licensing Examination

This course prepares students for the state-mandated oral-practical Medical Licensing Examination (Kenntnisprüfung).
The growth of technical language in internal medicine and surgery is the course’s major focus. Mock examinations for the Medical Licensing Examination offer participants with a goal-oriented preparation.


  • Techniques used in physical examinations
  • Studies involving real-life situations and skilled medical professionals
  • Using simulated patients to conduct a medical history and physical examination
  • Case-based medical terminology development in surgery and internal medicine
  • Crash course emergency medicine
  • Crash course pharmacology
  • Introduction to radiation protection
  • Mock medical licensing examinations and expert examiners simulate the real thing


  • individual feedback of the examiners
  • on-site training that are both participatory and situation-specific
  • Group work

Target group

Medical doctors from other countries studying for the Medical Licensing Examination.
The following conditions must be met before enrolling in the course:
Have a Goethe Institute B2 certificate or telc certificate and successfully completed the Communication Course Medical German for Foreign Physicians at Genius Academy for Languages and Education GmbH or at least six months of work experience in a clinic or office in Germany.


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Approval Process for Foreign Doctors: 10 Steps

  • Get your B2 / C1 German certificate
  • Select a federal state in Germany
  • Document translation and certification
  • Curriculum vitae in german
  • Medical certificate
  • Proof that you intend to start working
  • submitting a request for authorization
  • State office checks the documents
  • Fachsprachprüfung
  • Kenntnisprüfung

If you’ve followed all the stages and provided the state office with all the required documentation, your approval should be given without issue. Most of the time, you’ll receive your German approval via postal mail. You can now call yourself a “doctor” and work in Germany as a physician as of right.