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You’re about to embark on a journey of discovery as you begin your studies in Hebrew. Our Israeli instructors will hold your hand as you take your first steps in this fascinating experience and coach you along the way.

Our course for beginners will provide you with a solid foundation in Hebrew. In order to speak, read, and write effortlessly in Hebrew, we begin by learning how to use and sound out all of the Hebrew letters and vowels. You will learn 400 new words, fundamental syntax, present tense verbs, and numbers at the end of the course. We make learning Hebrew an enjoyable and fruitful experience by including a taste of Israel into our lessons.

What time will the first day of class be?
There are a few start dates available, so you may pick the class that works best for you. Our next session begins at 1:00 PM on November 21st. If you’re interested in one of our classes, you may register by clicking on the schedule below.

Learn Hebrew in Dubai

Our Hebrew Courses

Alphabet and Basic Language

Starting with the letters, we lay a solid foundation for the language. Our method of learning Hebrew in Hebrew familiarizes you with the fundamentals of Hebrew by introducing you to essential linguistic principles.

Objects and Expressing Feelings

Terminology building can be as simple as focusing on everyday vocabulary such as the weather, clothes, and food. These words will be practiced with fundamental grammar to ensure that your foundation in Hebrew remains strong.

Learn Grammar and Israeli Slang

As we continue our grammar exploration, you'll notice an improvement in your speaking abilities as we introduce and practice new verb groupings. With each new course, your ability to communicate in Hebrew will grow.

Explore Hebrew Texts

Literature is an integral part of any language. Songs, short stories, and poetry can help you learn more about Israeli culture while also expanding your vocabulary.